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frederick geisler
Cincinnati Post
Cincinnati, Ohio

Clipped 8 hours ago

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Henry Lee Morey
Columbus Dispatch
Columbus, Ohio

Clipped 10 hours ago

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Christopher J. French
From the Plain Dealer Cleveland, Ohio 27 September 1935 pg.7 Listing Ward Meetings
Plain Dealer
Cleveland, Ohio

Clipped 2 days ago

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List of Letters-Columbus Ohio
Ohio Statesman
Columbus, Ohio

Clipped 2 days ago

Find Your Family History in Ohio Newspaper Archives

If your family members fought in the French and Indian War, they may have been there when Ohio was conceded to the British. Perhaps they answered the call and took up arms in the Pontiac rebellion? Or could they have moved there as members of the Ohio Company of Associates in order to help establish the Marietta settlement?

Ohio newspaper archives flood

Ohio Genealogy in Newspaper Archives

For those who trace their genealogy to the Buckeye state, the Sandusky Register, the Plain Dealer, the Marietta Times, the Western Star, the Columbus Dispatch, and the Cincinnati Enquirer have all been chronicling Ohioan events since the early 19th century. Reveal a treasure trove of information by searching through the pages of these historical newspaper titles. Dive deeper and go beyond mere names and dates; find out who your Ohioan family members were, what they did, and see how the events of the world shaped them.

Start your Ohio history search and discover your Buckeye genealogy today!