Plain Dealer (Cleveland, Ohio) Newspaper Archives (1845 - 1991)

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Plain Dealer Newspaper Archives

Our Plain Dealer archives include full newspaper publications dating back to 1845. Find newspaper articles, birth and marriage announcements, legal notices, advertisements, and more.

Located in Cleveland, Ohio, The Plain Dealer specialized in local and national news providing a valuable genealogical resource. Historical newspapers have the potential to unveil unknown details about your family history, from stories of their daily lives to feature articles of their triumphs. As a feature in the publication, the Plain Deal obits are another valuable resource for learning more about your ancestors.

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History of The Plain Dealer:

Just like with many other publications during this time period, The Plain Dealer not only documented local issues, but also defining events in American history as well. The Plain Dealer was meant for Cleveland citizens, and is still in production today as one of the most popular newspaper companies throughout the entire United States.

The Plain Dealer established their first editorial in 1842 by Joseph Gray. At this point, Cleveland was still a relatively young city, only just founded in 1796 and named after General Moses Cleaveland. In 1885, the publishing company was taken over by Liberty Holden, who revamped The Plain Dealer to include a more diverse offering. He added a morning and Sunday edition, while excluding political favoritism that was previously included.

After Holden’s death in 1913, The Plain Dealer was passed down to his family. Within a few years of the new ownership, the family purchased the biggest newspaper company in Cleveland called The Cleveland News. After a few years of operating the two companies independently, a separate paper company called the Cleveland Press acquired (and closed) The Cleveland News. From this point forward, The Plain Dealer operated under one company and has continued to this day.

Discover the stories of your ancestors from the early years of Cleveland to the booming city it has become. Search our Plain Dealer newspaper archives by name, date, or keyword to uncover new details about your family history.

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