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cat at sea
Daily Oklahoman
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Clipped 5 hours ago

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Miami Girl Is Dead
Miami District Daily News
Miami, Oklahoma

Clipped 15 hours ago

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William Gotcher, Jr. promoted to 1st Lieutenant
Tulsa World
Tulsa, Oklahoma

Clipped 8 days ago

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Morning Tulsa daily world
Tulsa, Oklahoma

Clipped 8 days ago

Find Your Family History in Oklahoma Newspaper Archives

With Oklahoma newspaper archives dating back to 1810, you can learn about untold stories and details about your ancestors. Oklahoma officially became a state when its panhandle was acquired following the land acquisitions after the Mexican-American War. Before the Civil War, Oklahoma was mainly a Native American territory. The “Sooners” were settlers who jumped the gun and settled in the Oklahoma area around 1890. Were you ancestors Sooners? What impact did they make on the complex history of Oklahoma?

Find local and national events that your ancestors part took in. Learn about your family history and ancestors by searching our digital newspaper collection online for popular publications such as Cherokee Advocate, Oklahoman, and Express Star.

Oklahoma Newspaper clip and photo of old license plate

Oklahoma Genealogy in Newspaper Archives

People study genealogy out of curiosity and looking for answers to questions such as who your ancestors are, what did they live through, and what was their life like? Our historical newspaper collection can act as a fantastic genealogy resource to figure out the answers to these questions. Within the Oklahoma genealogy newspaper archives you can find birth and death announcements, marriage announcements, obituaries, and more!